Top Three Camera Equipment for Better Pictures

So you have the camera but still you are not satisfied with your work. A lot of starter photographers experience this issue. But if you really want to come up with better pictures using your camera, you need some essential camera equipment and accessories to help you achieve this.

essential camera equipment

Wide Angle Lens

Digital cameras need a lens that has better resolving power and higher precision than a traditional film camera. Usually, people complain that as they take photos of four or five people in a room, those in both ends tend to get cut out of the picture. There are times when photographers just could not get enough room to back up. With wide angle lens, it will be possible to capture big images without the need to move back the camera. Rather than worrying if the subject will really fit, picking a camera which covers the angle ranges make your footwork easier and helps you focus on selecting great subjects as well as looking for the right shutter chance.

Wide Angle Lens Camera

Camera Stabilizer

Whether you are trying to shoot professional films or home videos, there are many benefits of a camera stabilizer. In case you have shaky hands or you want to shoot footage using a heavy camera, it can be tough to have a stable shot. Also, a camera stabilizer is quite flexible which can benefit those who use light attachments and microphone.


In general, monopods are not replacements for tripods. You cannot shoot a long exposure with a monopod. However, if you are looking for a tool that can help you in stabilizing your camera from any shock and taking photos in poor light conditions, a monopod trump a tripod in many areas.

Camera Monopod Equipment

  • Lighter and More Compact– A tripod can have a weight that is three times than a monopod. Monopods are compact and can be tucked into your camera bag easily. Also, it does not take up so much space, thus it will not be in the way of other working photographers in a certain room.
  • Easy to Use- A monopod needs to be extended and grounded into a surface before you use it. With tripods, you have to extend its three legs and when you are positioned in an area that has uneven surface, you need to vary the length of the leg in order to accommodate the various surface heights.
  • More agile- A monopod is more ideal if you need help with stability; however, must be kept mobile. As t can be assembled easily and is lightweight, the tool has become a favorite among outdoor and sports photographers.

More agile