The Elements that Make an Excellent Photograph

As with any form of art, photography is quite subjective. Because of this, there are some elements that excellent photographers share in common.

Excellent Photograph


This can be a tough element to capture. Photographers must allow the camera to help them simplify the things that they can see in front of them. They should start with a busy canvas and need to work to simplify by eradicating a number of the contents. This can be done by getting closer to the subject or utilizing a telephoto lens for zooming in and cropping the shot tighter. If the subject is a person, for instance, his face must be the only focus. Good pictures generally have a clear idea of the photograph’s core subject.

element to capture. Photographers

Good Use of Light

Essentially, photography is about light. Photography literally means painting with light and becoming a real master of such discipline requires reading and understanding light the way you read and understand language. As photographers take picture, they will think of the direction and light quality. Is the subject back lit or side lit? Is there a soft or hard light source? Is the photographer going to set up the photo to make it high key or low key? Depending on the answers, the image’s overall aesthetic and emotional feel will radically change, thus changing its meaning. Photographers at Mital Patel photography, try to photography at dawn only, at dusk or in the late afternoon to avoid the light at its flat state.

Good Composition

In general, a good landscape nature photographer has a sense of compositional balance and form which is pleasing to the eyes. It is imperative to understand composition’s fundamental rules like making use of the rules of thirds after learning them through, they can be played around with the rules to be broken. This allows for the establishment of unique styles.

landscape nature photographer

A Sense of Timing

Those who will check out the work of the masters of street photography will observe that apart from the mastery of composition, there is also mastery of timing. Photographers know when and how to expect the decisive moment which point in time as all of the image’s elements fall into place and if the story’s emotional pitch is at its peak. Good timing is important in photography. Practicing patience is a must. Photographers will attempt to expect the best moment at which they can engage the shutter button.