Four Reasons You Need a Video for Your Business

Fifteen years ago, most websites on the internet were loaded with written content about a bevy of different topics. Businesses used their website as a way to put together generic copy claiming that they delivered quality products and/or services, while bloggers wrote keyword-specific content in order to rank at the top of search engines.

Over the last few years, a dramatic shift has taken place in the way that websites are developed, and in the content that can be found within them. Today, in a world where consumers have a record low attention span, videos now play a vital role in the success of websites and the businesses behind them.

With this in mind, it has become more important than ever for businesses to take advantage of the many benefits that come with utilizing a business video on their website. Here is a deeper look at four reasons you need a video for your business.

Short Consumer Attention Spans

As mentioned above, the attention span of consumers today is at a record low. Several studies have shown that the attention span of website visitors is as low as eight seconds. As recently as 2012, that number was somewhere around twelve seconds.

monitoring Knowing these statistics, businesses and bloggers can no longer pretend that written website content is enough. If you truly want to engage and gain intrigue from visitors, you must utilize the many benefits that come with video production in Dubai.

More Efficient Way to Talk About Your Business

With the fact that most consumers are a combination of visual and audio learners, it can be difficult to efficiently keep them informed them if you choose to go with content that focuses on just one or the other. By using videos, you are able to cater to both visual and audio learners, making it a much more efficient way to talk about your business.

Some businesses utilize videos directly on their home page to explain exactly what their products or services are and how they are used. Others use them on their “About Page” to let potential customers know with whom they will be working. Some will even utilize both. Whatever you choose, there is little doubt that videos provide a more efficient way to communicate with your audience.


Consumers Watch Videos, But Skim Content

No matter how engaging or compelling your website’s written content is, it is a known fact that a large majority of your website’s visitors will not read everything that is written. Instead, they tend to skim over the content, looking for what are considered the most important points. This is why sub-headings, listicles, bold type, and italic type are all used frequently in web content.


With videos, on the other hand, consumers are much more likely to watch the entire thing. So long as the video is under 90 seconds, it has been proven that website visitors will at least watch the beginning of it. From there, the quality of the video determines whether or not they will watch the rest.