Filecamp : Organizing your Cloud-Based Image Library

A cloud based image library provides plenty of benefits. It gives you access to your files anywhere at any time. There is no need for you to use your computer to access, view and make use of your images. Also, this means that you do not have to be the only person with access to your image library. You have the option to invite other people to contribute, manage and utilize it. Moreover, one of the good things about putting your images into the cloud is the availability of a back up. Forget about your laptop getting stolen or crashing. File sharing for photographers a simple way for centralizing and sharing your images in an image library based on the cloud. The following are some ways to help you in organizing your image library.

cloud based image library

Planning and then Uploading

Cloud-based image libraries are expected to be as effective as their metadata and organization. Failing to put some thought into organizing and labeling your files will result in your library being tough to navigate. If there are many people contributing to, managing and viewing photos in your image library, the library must be consistent and clear. Consider the people who will use the library, the vocabulary that is clear to them and the structure that feels natural to users.

then Uploading

Using Folders to Collections

Cloud-based image libraries are quite different from image folders. If your files are located in a hierarchical folder structure, they can get buried and won’t be easy to find. This is particularly true for many people searching for files that were not part of the folders’ initial creation. Also, the folder structure makes the discovering new content tough and rare.

With Filecamp collections, you can quickly find and filter your files without clicking through multiple folders. It will be easy for you to browse and know about new and relevant content.

Filecamp Folders Collections

Using Clear Metadata

Metadata is important for users to find files within the image library. Being able to have guidelines for clear and consistent metadata is most effective. In case your metadata is already embedded in your files, functions like automatic mapping can surely save you time.

Filecamp makes making a cloud-based image library easy. With its smart features, you can have an access to your image library in no time. Also, it is a nice visual tool as it manages your visual content offering you a good feel for it in just minutes.

Using Clear Metadata