Why to Protect Your Photos Online with a Watermark

Due to the accessibility to various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and others, you tend to post pictures on a regular basis. However, the scammers keep searching for their victims. These photos can be misused without your knowledge. The purpose of getting your photos watermarked is to protect your photos. Even the companies use this technique so that their photos of the brands, products and services are not used by their rivals and scammers. It has also been noticed that watermarked photos are not appreciated much by everyone because it may distract the viewer. He may not be able to concentrate on the photo and appreciate it.

Photos Online with a Watermark

If the photos are stolen or misused, you can file a case against the third party easily claiming that the photos are being misused. If you have not watermarked them, you may face issues in filing the case. That’s why, it is strongly recommended to watermark them if you are going to upload them on the internet.

Watermarking the photos

Not many people know how to watermark the photos. They can easily find the information on the internet. Several applications have been designed and developed that can help you get all your photos watermarked. Some of them are Photoshop, Lightroom and others. By following a few steps, you will be able to watermark your photos and protect them from getting stolen.

Watermarking the photos

It has been noticed that people don’t feel like sharing the photos on social media platforms which are watermarked. They are not considered as appealing to others. If you want to send your photos to your friends through social media, you can refrain from protecting them. Without watermark, the photos will be clearer and more beautiful. They will not take away your attention while looking at the photos.

Get online for watermarking

You don’t have to be a tech savvy person if you want to watermark the images. All you have to do is to connect to the internet. Various platforms are available in the web world that can make it much easier for you. It is also possible to perform free photo watermarking using some tools on the internet. Nowadays, the technology has advanced so much that you can easily find the free tools which let you watermark the photos and images within a matter of few minutes by following simple steps. If you are concerned about protecting the photos, you should connect to the net.

Get online for watermarking

A day in the life of Advertising Photography and Fashion

Fashion photography is a crazy thing.  It conjures up visions of eccentric fashion designers, stylists running around with a hundred different products and hair and makeup artists begging for more time with the model’s face.  Finally, primped and preened the model is ready for the fashion photographer.  Walked to her mark, looking down the barrel of the lens and often surrounded by lights, cables and the odd wind machine.  So, this is where what is on set magically transposes into the digital images we all gleam over in the many magazines, websites and social media posts.  But alas, rarely does the model, the makeup or the fashion simply “do its thing”.  The process is organic and occasionally needs quite some “watering”.

fashion photographer

Majority of the time a theme, a colour palette or a mood dictates the shoot.  There is a story to be told and the photographer and his team are responsible for telling it.  It’s not up to the makeup artist to create her most colourful look whilst the stylist brings her most outrageous fashion pieces.  The photographer then doesn’t apply a dozen lights with multi-coloured filters, a smoke machine and perhaps some whacky props.  It must all gel, cohesively be strong without one thing overpowering the other.  After all, we’re here to sell the fashion, not the multi-coloured, feather lashed, smoke-machined model.

fashion photographer

The way everything comes together and appears effortless yet beautiful is the strength of the advertising visual.  The photograph must show the product as well as invoke the mood in the audience that is needed to persuade them that they need this product.  They want to be in this photo.  So as a team, we strive shot after shot, to obtain that perfect photograph.  It’s not done in one, two or often twenty shots.  Fashion can behave like a living beast, sometimes working with the model, sometimes against.  It can be a fight to make it look the way it needs to which is why anyone who says models have it easy and just stand there, have never modelled or seen the process.  These girls and boys are often exhausted.  Photographers and stylists constantly telling them how to move, why it’s not looking right and to “give us something else”.

fashion photographers

When the agreed images have been captured comes the second phase of the advertising might, the retouching.  The path a photo takes from initial capture to final delivery is lengthy.  One might say the darkroom slowed us down and now things are faster, which in a way is true.  In reality, with choice and technology, we simply have way more options.  More photographs, more software, more people with just enough knowledge on the process to be critical.  The photographer retouches the clothing correcting irregularities.  Perhaps the models had a bruise, a scratch, the hair is out of place, oh heck, just replace the hairstyle altogether, you can do that right?  The requests become more flippant and complex because it can all be “photoshopped”.

fashion photographers

So hours disappear and although the development process of film has long left us, we now have the movie-magic of digitally creating what we couldn’t shoot.  All to finally bring that allusive image to life for an audience that may never know the intricate path that fashion photo took for them to glance at.

Finding the Best Personal Photographer in Your City

Photographs tell thousand words about what has happened in our lives. They play a vital role because we can refresh the memories ever after several years. Since decades, people have been clicking pictures to keep for their kids and grand kids as well. This is one of the best ways to remember your golden days when you grow old.

hire proposal photographer

One of the best memories is when your soul mate has proposed you for marriage. You still want to remember those special moments and how you have reacted to the question. This can be made special and more memorable with the proposal photography. The photographer will capture the best moments when you are going to propose your loved one. If you are planning to hire proposal photographer, you should keep in mind below mentioned key points:

planning to hire


It has been noticed that several photographers are available in the market who claim to click the best photos. However, it is suggested to choose the one who specializes in this kind of photography. This is because; he should be able to capture the expression when you propose your spouse and how she has reacted to your question. A professional and expert photographer can capture these moments, which you will keep for your lifetime.


It is highly recommended to check if he is an experienced one or not. The novice photographer may not be able to give the best results as that of experienced one. In order to assess if he is an experienced one, you should check his work which he has done in the past. By reviewing the old assignments, you can choose the best photographer. You can also compare a few of them to choose the one who can click the best moments in the best possible manner.

Experience proposal photographer

Price to hire

The knowledge and techniques to click the best pictures will not come for cheap. You should keep this in your mind when you are looking for the best photographer. If you are planning to make the most of his services, you should be aware of the price. The price, which he quotes, should be according to his expertise and skill. It is also a good idea to compare a few of them to choose the best one.

Price to hire

If you are looking for the proposal photography in your city, you should connect to the internet. You should get in touch with them by calling or writing them an email.

Top Three Camera Equipment for Better Pictures

So you have the camera but still you are not satisfied with your work. A lot of starter photographers experience this issue. But if you really want to come up with better pictures using your camera, you need some essential camera equipment and accessories to help you achieve this.

essential camera equipment

Wide Angle Lens

Digital cameras need a lens that has better resolving power and higher precision than a traditional film camera. Usually, people complain that as they take photos of four or five people in a room, those in both ends tend to get cut out of the picture. There are times when photographers just could not get enough room to back up. With wide angle lens, it will be possible to capture big images without the need to move back the camera. Rather than worrying if the subject will really fit, picking a camera which covers the angle ranges make your footwork easier and helps you focus on selecting great subjects as well as looking for the right shutter chance.

Wide Angle Lens Camera

Camera Stabilizer

Whether you are trying to shoot professional films or home videos, there are many benefits of a camera stabilizer. In case you have shaky hands or you want to shoot footage using a heavy camera, it can be tough to have a stable shot. Also, a camera stabilizer is quite flexible which can benefit those who use light attachments and microphone.


In general, monopods are not replacements for tripods. You cannot shoot a long exposure with a monopod. However, if you are looking for a tool that can help you in stabilizing your camera from any shock and taking photos in poor light conditions, a monopod trump a tripod in many areas.

Camera Monopod Equipment

  • Lighter and More Compact– A tripod can have a weight that is three times than a monopod. Monopods are compact and can be tucked into your camera bag easily. Also, it does not take up so much space, thus it will not be in the way of other working photographers in a certain room.
  • Easy to Use- A monopod needs to be extended and grounded into a surface before you use it. With tripods, you have to extend its three legs and when you are positioned in an area that has uneven surface, you need to vary the length of the leg in order to accommodate the various surface heights.
  • More agile- A monopod is more ideal if you need help with stability; however, must be kept mobile. As t can be assembled easily and is lightweight, the tool has become a favorite among outdoor and sports photographers.

More agile

Filecamp : Organizing your Cloud-Based Image Library

A cloud based image library provides plenty of benefits. It gives you access to your files anywhere at any time. There is no need for you to use your computer to access, view and make use of your images. Also, this means that you do not have to be the only person with access to your image library. You have the option to invite other people to contribute, manage and utilize it. Moreover, one of the good things about putting your images into the cloud is the availability of a back up. Forget about your laptop getting stolen or crashing. File sharing for photographers a simple way for centralizing and sharing your images in an image library based on the cloud. The following are some ways to help you in organizing your image library.

cloud based image library

Planning and then Uploading

Cloud-based image libraries are expected to be as effective as their metadata and organization. Failing to put some thought into organizing and labeling your files will result in your library being tough to navigate. If there are many people contributing to, managing and viewing photos in your image library, the library must be consistent and clear. Consider the people who will use the library, the vocabulary that is clear to them and the structure that feels natural to users.

then Uploading

Using Folders to Collections

Cloud-based image libraries are quite different from image folders. If your files are located in a hierarchical folder structure, they can get buried and won’t be easy to find. This is particularly true for many people searching for files that were not part of the folders’ initial creation. Also, the folder structure makes the discovering new content tough and rare.

With Filecamp collections, you can quickly find and filter your files without clicking through multiple folders. It will be easy for you to browse and know about new and relevant content.

Filecamp Folders Collections

Using Clear Metadata

Metadata is important for users to find files within the image library. Being able to have guidelines for clear and consistent metadata is most effective. In case your metadata is already embedded in your files, functions like automatic mapping can surely save you time.

Filecamp makes making a cloud-based image library easy. With its smart features, you can have an access to your image library in no time. Also, it is a nice visual tool as it manages your visual content offering you a good feel for it in just minutes.

Using Clear Metadata