Basics of Photography

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Useful Photography Techniques


Learning the Exposure Triangle

If you have plans to learn and master a new language, then you should learn the grammar first to master it well. Are you wondering what the connection between photography and grammar is? Well, while training to become a photographer you have to understand the deep basics of photography to remain as an expert. When you do not cover the major basics, then you would not know the real features of the photography. The major foundation to learn photography is ...

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Portrait Photography: Composition and Posing

Most of the budding photographers who have experience always look to do portrait photography. If you are one among them, then this is the article you would definitely enjoy. Photographers love to take stunning pictures to bring out the ‘wow’ effect. To be frank, it is not a simple task to perform because beauty remains in the beholder’s eyes. But still it does not mean that it is impossible or risky, which you can easily click by breaking some misconceptions. ...

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How to Improve Detail and Text by Using High Pass Filtering

If you want to take pictures seriously, then it is essential to take sharp pictures. No matters, you are just taking pictures on weekends or just some holiday shoots or a professional to bring quality results. The quality of the image will be directly related to detail and sharpness. These things cannot be overlooked. There are several ways to get final and sharp images. The picture you are going to take should remain straight out from the camera. Here listing ...

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What are the Benefits of Manual Lenses?

Most of the photographers love to use the fast autofocus feature present in the mirror-less cameras or DSLR’s. This helps the photographers to take pictures in an easier way. Apart from these, they also love using the manual lenses. Some people believe that using manual lenses is an unfortunate man’s choice or as taboo. It was actually a long time before the launch of real cool cameras and Sony A7s bunch. These produce amazing results with clear and simple lenses. ...

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Different Types of Photography Skills


Tips for Grand Car Photography

Photography and cool cars have always been a best combination factor since long time. It is something sexy, fashionable and romantic when you take beautiful shots of a grand car. When you need to combine these two passions, you have to take some tips to get awesome results. Motion: If you are planning to picture a car, the best way to photograph is capturing it in a natural state. It will look great if you try capturing it when it ...

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How to Picture a Wineglass Splash?

Are you interested to take a cool new picture? Do you want to add new images to your portfolio? If your answers are yes, then here explaining the tactics involved for clicking a wineglass splash picture. No matter you want to add innovative images to your portfolio or pass for a specific client, it is really a fun idea to take pictures of wine splashes and glasses. If you are able to picture it right, then you will end up ...

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Why Bird Photography is Considered as the Best Hobby?

Bird photography is the popular feature under animal photography. It is really challenging to take beautiful pictures amidst the wild and forest environment. It does not mean that you have to visit only forest or wildlife places, but you can also start to enhance your hobby by practicing to take pictures in your backyard, nearby parks, and green gardens. The birds will always be in constant motion. For example, you would have watched those many times these ways, when eating ...

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Trick photography

Levitation in Photoshop

Have you ever watched images where people fly or just float in the air? Do you know how it is possible in photography? Well, in this blog, let us look at levitation and image graphics that was present from olden days. Most of the people would have dreamt of flying, and they make their dreams true by clicking pictures and editing just like they saw in their dream. Obviously flying and levitation is highly impossible but tomorrow’s technology can help ...

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