Image Story Book

Bringing a smile to others is to bring a smile to yourself! :) 帶給身邊的人快樂 = 讓自己快樂 The 13.8 cm. square book is fancy, full of taste and easy to share with all your… Read More

哲愷 ♥ 杶雯 – Engagement

In the early morning, we set out from the groom’s home in Taichung, to the bride’s home in Hsinchu. When we arrived at the groom’s place, he came out with the gifts meant… Read More

The bookstore

I always like to visit bookstores. Always… no matter it’s a new one, maybe just recently opened, an old and fascinating antiques or a second hand bookstore you pass by from time to… Read More

So Sweet Blog Award

It’s been quite a busy week, including most part of the weekend, and as much as we would like to keep up with everything, sometimes it’s almost impossible isn’t it? Feeling a bit… Read More

Vicky & Pow

We ended this lovely summer with a visit to Yanmingshan National Park. A beautiful place to spend a Saturday! Had great time with this fun couple and we travel there thanks to their… Read More

Austin Cooper

Last week, when we were in Taichung, we found an Austin Cooper in the parking lot. “Oh my! This is too cute! I want one!” I said, than I suddenly remember Gabriel asked… Read More

Chilean Fjords

” Carnal apple, Woman filled, burning moon, dark smell of seaweed, crush of mud and light, what secret knowledge is clasped between your pillars? What primal night does Man touch with his senses?… Read More

Where the world ends

… and everything else begins. Ushuaia is one place I most certainly like a lot. I don’t have specific reasons for this matter, I just like the atmosphere and the feeling in those… Read More

One Lovely Blog Award

We are so happy and excited to receive our first blog award!!! Many, many thanks to dear Silvia who has an amazing blog which we always enjoy to visit :–) As we are… Read More

Quite unexpected

This spring I had to travel to beautiful Tainan in Taiwan, to meet cousins and their wonderful family. We were there to spend the entire weekend together, and have a outdoor photo shot,… Read More

Mini Diana

The first day of September, the little queen of Gabriel I Photography is on the stage – Mini Diana. 2010 summer, I bought this camera in the Lomography Gallery Store London. It accompanied… Read More

Get ready to travel!

  The joy and excitement before a journey starts! Photo taken as I just arrived in Valencia, Spain. Bright sun in the spring of last year. It’s been a while and I still… Read More

The Magellanic Penguin

In December of 2011, while traveling across the Chilean coast, I had the opportunity to stop in Punta Arenas for several times. From the main port where we were docked, it’s about 2… Read More

Yellow January

Click below for Image Gallery – 請點以下照片 It’s still summer time now, but isnt it in summer, we think about the winter, and winter, we think about the summer? :) Winter in south… Read More

Everyday is Valentine’s Day

23 of August it’s the celebration of the Valentine’s Day. You might read and think: “Wait a second, isn’t it on February… 14th of February …? “ Well indeed it is, and most… Read More

Little Jane

Click below for Image Gallery – 請點以下照片 When she is a little girl, she shared her dream with everybody. “I want to become the owner of a fashion store with a thousand fancy… Read More


  Traditional Black and White photography has never fail to fascinate and inspire so many photographers all over the world. For myself is the first language of photography, the root, the very beginning… Read More

Highest deck

Top level of Veendam ship I traveled with, just above the bridge. View of Hamilton port in Bermuda 2011. A wonderful destination. The trip began in New York with 3 overnights in Hamilton,… Read More

向沂 – Xiang Yi

Click below for Image Gallery – 請點以下照片 A daring lady of her generation – Xiang – Yi. Never being shy to express herself. When sharing opinions about love, she is also very straight.… Read More

Five for fun!

When you’re up for fun, getting together with your best friends can’t make it any better! No matter you are going out, partying at home, special occasions or traveling around, having your friends… Read More

Dimi & Tsveti

I had to cross the Atlantic Ocean by ship. We crossed from States, Miami all the way to Madeira, Portugal, which was our first stop after 7 days and 7 nights of being… Read More

Growing Leafs

Ushuaia Frame


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